Michelle Alexandra is a Norwegian-American actress, singer, model, and entrepreneur. Michelle grew-up in New York and studied theater and vocal performance at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. After spending some time performing in New York City, Michelle decided to move to Norway to spend some time with family and get in touch with her roots. Here she took a short break from the stage to pursue various business endeavors including her YouTube language learning series, "Learn Norwegian!" which has been seen over 1,000,000 times.

In 2016 Michelle returned to performing. She is a versatile actress who loves everything from musicals and comedy, to Shakespeare and contemporary drama. Michelle is a classically trained singer with a strong lyric soprano. Her unique bilingual background makes her exceptionally skilled in picking up dialects. She is an enthusiastic and passionate young actress who is always looking for new performance opportunities.  

"Michelle Alexandra is a consummate performer. She has a voice that can be both powerful and delicate, akin to crystle chimes. Her stage presence has a magnatism that rivets an audience to the stage"

- Patricia Garfinkel, poet

Unusual Way (from Nine) & One Kiss (from The New Moon) - Michelle Alexandra